“Real estate is one of the main pillars of the economy. Developing, organizing, leading and finalizing a project while respecting the interests and needs of the client are essential conditions for the complete success of an investment.”

Fabrice Chassaud Director, m3 MANAGEMENT DE PROJETS

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To manage new projects is to participate in the city of tomorrow. Project management is also the most demanding of real estate activities because it mobilizes multiple skills which must operate in perfect synergy for the duration of the project, without ever losing sight of the original vision.

The project manager thus acts like an orchestra conductor, guaranteeing the total harmony of the entire operation.

If your investment strategy involves the development of a project, construction or renovation work, our technical, legal and financial expertise allows us to manage on your behalf all operations up to project completion.

Our services

This is the starting point for any real estate project in Geneva, or elsewhere. Together we define your vision for the project and we study its feasibility.

Thanks to our specialized team, you benefit from personalized legal and financial advice tailored to the specific characteristics of your project.

In this complex step in any real estate project, our experienced teams support you in following the land procedures and prepare the construction perimeter so that the works can begin !

Crucial to good project management, a construction programme is then established according to your objectives and budget. Your project manager will be responsible for monitoring this programme and ensuring its smooth operation.

Do you have land but no plans to develop it yet? Do you have a project in mind but no architect? Organizing competitions for architects or projects has never been easier than with us.

We have a list of experienced real estate agents and contractors that you can trust. Your project managers recommend the teams most likely to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Thanks to our real estate experts and financial partners, you are supported by specialists in this type of negotiation so that you can rely on a solid financial plan.

You benefit from a dedicated administrative team that knows how to execute the necessary procedures efficiently and transparently.

This is the most important service in project management. Let our experts monitor the works according to the predefined programme and with accurate and regular reporting.

Tracking a budget requires both organizational qualities and experience to anticipate changes and better regulate spending. With an average of more than 10 years of experience in project management, our experts monitor this vital component for the successful accomplishment of your project.

Your final approval of the work upon delivery is extremely important to us because your satisfaction is our foremost concern.

Esplanade 3 Pont-Rouge

30,500 m2 of rental space managed by m3 MANAGEMENT DE PROJETS.
Offices, a hotel and shopping in the heart of the new hyper-connected district of Pont-Rouge.
Our construction will take shape in 2022.

Esplanade 3 forms part of these new projects that are helping to shape the Geneva of tomorrow.

Over 900 housing units under construction in the canton of Geneva

What is a property project manager?

The management of real estate projects requires specialist skills in several related fields: property development, construction, architecture, finance, property management and law.

Our team is therefore composed of individuals with complementary expertise and are continuously trained and informed in order to support you in the execution of your projects at every stage, from completely virgin land to design and execution.

In parallel and where necessary, our brokers and sales and development experts handle the marketing of your project if you wish. Our management service then steps in to ensure the efficient utilization of your property.

Thus, whether you are a private individual, a group of investors or developers, an institution or a public body, you can confidently entrust us with a full or partial management mandate.

You will benefit from personalized assistance and advice from specialists who stand by your side throughout the valuation of your property.

Vous bénéficierez d’une assistance personnalisée et de conseils de spécialistes qui se tiennent à vos côtés tout au long de la valorisation de votre bien.

Discover some of our flagship projects

Stellar 32

Complex of three buildings in the industrial area of Plan-les-Ouates (ZIPLO). Over 30,000 m2 of gross floor area.

See the dedicated website

Esplanade 3

Commercial building project developed and marketed by m3 GROUPE. Over 30,000 m2 of gross floor area.

See the dedicated website

House of Missions

5,100 m2 of surface area near the Palais des Nations, the ILO, the WHO and the ICRC. In the heart of the “Golden Triangle” for international organizations in Geneva.


Over 2,500 m2 of surface area, seven new apartments in the LGZD development zone (state-controlled prices) in the town of Onex.


Project management of several hotels.

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Do you have an idea in mind? Do you have land on which you want to build? Contact us today and let our teams manage your project.

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