Our team of experts in real estate acquisition and development offers short-term investment solutions with optimized returns on commercial and residential projects.

Invest differently

Whether you are an owner, investor, developer, institution or public body, our multidisciplinary teams support you in defining your real estate strategy, guide you to the best opportunities, and take full charge of achieving your objectives.

Our purposefully different and integrated approach allows us to offer you imaginative investment strategies and innovative development perspectives.

Our services

The driving force behind our activity is mainly driven by the acquisition of available land and buildings to be redeveloped. Our team of experts analyses the potential of each opportunity presented to it and structures an attractive offer that best serves the seller’s interests. Our permanent presence on the local territory allows us to be perfectly in tune with the market for commercial, residential and industrial products.

Do you want to put part of your capital in bricks and mortar? We offer a range of residential and commercial developments with competitive returns over three to five years, suitable for all investor profiles. The choice of products is based on a detailed analysis and confirmation of a proven potential, where the risk is completely under control. Our philosophy is to remain actively engaged with you throughout the development of each project.

“How can you improve the return on your wealth? Where will the investment opportunities of tomorrow be? Our team provides tailored answers based on your profile. Our only aim is to achieve the optimal performance of your investments and your residential and commercial real estate projects.”

– Enzo Lo Bue, Director,

After conducting a feasibility study of a real estate project, we structure its DNA and draw up its development timetable. Assisted by a full team of agents whose project manager is our main contact, we set the scheduling and define the architectural look. We then confirm the constructibility through the building permit, consolidate the operating budget and, finally, begin the construction works.

“Our local presence and solid experience allow us to optimize the development and implementation processes with perfect risk management. We commit ourselves every day to our projects, as well as to compliance with standards and practices, to guarantee peace of mind for our partners and investors.”

– Renaud Vincendon, Director,

Our team defines and implements the sales strategy for all m3 GROUP real estate projects. With this in mind, we establish and nurture partnerships with all of the important institutional and private investors in the real estate market. Our professional and pragmatic team has experience in large-scale transactions. From the planned development to the finished building, we can offer our partners acquisitions at all stages of development.

Our exclusive access to premium-quality real estate projects makes m3 an essential partner for buyers of high-yield real estate.

Some key figures

CHF 650 million

in commercial sales

CHF 430 million

of current works under management

149’000 m2

of commercial land under development

1’209 residential units

in development

402 residential units


The team

Renaud Vincendon




Our projects


  • Lancy – Pont-Rouge
  • Start date: 2020 – End date: 2023
  • Property: business activities
  • Area: 30’500 m2

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  • Cologny
  • Start date: 2019 – End date: 2021
  • Property: co-ownership
  • Number of apartments: 30


  • Plan-les-Ouates
  • Start date: 2016 – End date: 2020
  • Property: artisanal, industrial and hotel
  • Area: 36’500 m2
    580 parking space

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  • Pressy
  • Start date: 2019 – End date: 2022
  • Property: co-ownership
  • Number of apartments: 22


  • Geneva Nations
  • Start date: 2019 – End date: 2020
  • Property: business activities, international organization
  • Area: 5’100 m2


  • Anières
  • Start date: 2020 – End date: 2022
  • Property: co-ownership
  • Number of apartments: 8


  • Meyrin
  • Start date: 2022 – End date: 2024
  • Property: business activities
  • Area: 487 parking spaces


  • Tannay
  • Start date: 2019 – End date: 2022
  • Property: detached house
  • Number of houses: 3


  • Etoy
  • Start date: 2019 – End date: 2022
  • Property: hotel
  • Area: 9’770 m2 – 136 rooms


  • Les Cherpines
  • Start date: 2023 – End date: 2029
  • Property: residential co-ownership, residential rental, business activities, nonprofit community
  • Area: 100’000 m2


  • Thonex
  • Start date: 2021 – End date: 2023
  • Property: co-ownership
  • Number of apartments: 55


  • Etoy
  • Start date: 2023
  • Property: industrial, business activities, leisure activities
  • Area: 15’000 m2