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« Relocating one’s life or activity from another region or country is not just a move — it requires perfect knowledge of the local market, a global vision of all aspects of the undertaking and constant anticipation. »

Angelina Palic – Directrice m3 RELOCATION

Relocating differently in Geneva

Featured among the world’s top 10 most attractive cities in which to live and work, Geneva continues to appeal strongly to individuals and companies looking for a new location.

m3 RELOCATION is entirely dedicated to tailor-made relocation services in the canton of Geneva and its surroundings. It perfectly fullfils the needs and expectations of its clients and their families: company employees, multinationals, international organizations and individuals.

The relocation team capitalizes on the network and strength of the m3 GROUPE, whose purpose is to engage actively in the life of Geneva’s citizens. Hotels, real estate and food & beverageare the group’s hubs of expertise on which m3 RELOCATION relies to optimize its client service: an extensive range of real estate, preferential prices at m3 HOTEL (close to the airport), good deals on excursions and dining, etc.

With m3 RELOCATION you will become a Genevan even before you even unpack your bags.

The canton of Geneva has more than 500,000 residents, 40% of whom are foreigners!

Employé de bureau à Genève

A serene integration for immediate employee efficiency in Geneva

Because your employees must be well prepared for their arrival even before their departure, our teams work closely with them to define their specific needs, fullfil their requirements, estimate each cost as accurately as possible and coordinate each step of the relocation process over time. This meticulous preparation will help them to optimize their decision-making and, above all, to ensure that they include every component that is integral to the success of such an undertaking.

A network with a wider and more varied real estate offer for relocation in Geneva

Relying on m3 GROUPE’s subsidiaries as well as on external partners, m3 RELOCATION unlocks a very wide range of commercial and residential real estate, for sale or for rent, adapted to all budgets. Ideally located in Geneva, we work on your behalf in selecting the best products, negotiating with agencies, organizing visits and translating leases.

Because your employees must be well prepared for their arrival even before their departure

Taking care of your personal life to optimize your professional life

Relocation doesn’t only affect the life of the company, but also that of its employees. That’s why our team pays special attention to listening and coaching your employees and their families. Introducing them to their new environment, orientation tours, permit applications, searching for the ideal accommodation, practical information on everyday life, help with the integration of spouses, finding schools…We pay special attention to detail so that your relocation and integration in Switzerland is a success for everyone.

Taking care of your personal life to optimize your professional life

With its internal power and unlimited personalized service, m3 RELOCATION is the company best suited to understand and fullfil your requirements

Orientation tours to Geneva

Orientation tours

  • Initial personalized contact to define your needs
  • Welcome and information on the living environment in Switzerland
  • Discovery tour of Geneva and its surroundings
  • Tour of some pre-selected properties to give you a clearer picture of the offer
Property search in Geneva

Property serach

  • Property search across the entire market (residential or commercial)
  • Scheduling of visits
  • Submission of applications
  • Follow-up and support with management or landlords
  • Analysis and signature of the lease
School search for your employees in Geneva

School search

  • Introduction of tje school systems (public/private)
  • Setting up appointments and school tours
  • Accompaniment to interviews
  • Monitoring enrolment
Settling-in services in Geneva

Settling-in services

  • Administrative assistance
  • Registration with the municipality
  • Insurance (third party, household…)
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Internet, telephone, electricity connection
  • Maintenance contract offers
Pick & choose services in Geneva

Pick & choose services

Because successful integration does not only happen through work and housing, m3 RELOCATION also offers customized services to help you make the most of Geneva. Tell us what is important to you, and we will incorporate it into your new life.

Departure assistance for Geneva

Departure assistance

And if you have to leave Geneva…m3 RELOCATION guides you in the administrative procedures related to your departure, such as searching for moving companies, termination of your lease, searching for a new tenant in case of early termination, etc.


Time is so precious…m3 RELOCATION provides answers to all your questions when you arrive in Geneva.

m3 RELOCATION will escort you in revealing the city’s secrets according to your desires and passions.

(hourly rate on request)

Health : tailored advice and support on health insurance and doctors.Home : rental and purchase of furniture, home staging, searching for artisans, negotiation of cost quotes, construction site coordination and monitoring, cleaning service, house staff, etc.Activities : recreational and extra-curricular sports. We look for the best sports clubs, coaches, associations, etc.Animals : import of pets, guard, kennel, veterinarian, training, grooming, etc.
Mobility : partnership with BeMyDriver, car rental, electric bicycles, TPG, season ticket, airport priority lane, etc.Shopping : whatever you want, we recommend the best personal shoppers and relookers in Geneva.Mountain : discover the beautiful surrounding mountains. Chalet rental, seasonal ski pass, instructors, mountain and hiking guide.Spouse : arranging language courses, career coaching, CV assistance, job search support or training for spouses.

How do I apply for relocation assistance?

Relocation is a vast subject that can range from a simple search for an apartment in Geneva, to a global integration support (moving, insurance, school search...etc). This is why m3 RELOCATION wants to be flexible and attentive to its clients, in order to offer them tailor-made services adapted to their needs for a simple and efficient relocation.

How much does a relocation package cost ?

Our prices vary according to the client's needs. Contact us for a personalized estimate.

What do relocation packages usually include?

We do not have pre-established formulas. Our packages are composed according to your needs for your relocation. We can offer you packages with certain services included, or you can make your choice « à la carte ».

What is relocation in Geneva ?

Whether you are an individual who has just been hired in Geneva, a team that is being transferred, or a company looking to relocate its employees or premises, relocation is for you. These are all the services that m3 RELOCATION can offer in order to allow a quick and serene integration.

Are you ready to move to Geneva?

Switzerland is one of the countries where the inhabitants are happiest, an English bank has even named Switzerland as the best country to relocate to. Geneva, surrounded by its mountains and Lake Geneva, offers an unparalleled quality of life to its inhabitants. As with any move to a new city, there are things to know, and tips that only locals can give you. The m3 RELOCATION team is deeply attached to Geneva and looks forward to sharing with you the secrets of this beautiful city.

A premium innovative service

As with all other entities in the m3 GROUPE, we rely on the most advanced technologies to offer you a superior experience thanks to innovative services such as virtual tours or digitization of your documents for remote monitoring of your administrative work—all within a framework of data confidentiality

Our relocation specialists team in Geneva

Angelian Palic Director m3 Relocation Geneva

Angelina Palic

Director m3 RELOCATION

Laure Marchand manager relocation Geneva m3

Laure Marchand

Relocation consultant

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