l’Agefi returns to the laying of the first stone of the Stellar 32 project

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The foundation stone of the ambitious Stellar 32 project, launched on the initiative of m3 REAL ESTATE, was laid on 15 June 2016 in Plan-les-Ouates. Stellar 32 is a multifunctional building with contemporary architecture that testifies to the dynamism of the municipality’s industrial area.
Delivery in 2018.

It’s done! The first stone of the Stellar 32 building has been laid in the presence of the authorities, including Fabienne Monbaron, mayor of Plan-les-Ouates; Jean-Marc Guinchard, president of the Grand Council; and Abdallah Chatila, administrator of PI G32, the landowner. “Plan-les-Ouates is an area with great potential: the headquarters of many companies and the development of the Cherpines village will increase its attractiveness, but there is little life,” points out Abdallah Chatila. “The motivation behind this development was certainly to offer sectors of activity but also to provide more services. A three-star hotel, a restaurant and a few shops will offer real added value and will invigorate the area. Comfort, flexibility and service are guiding principles of Stellar 32.”