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m3 HOSPITALITY creates innovative and competitive hospitality products

Hotel operator and creator of innovative concepts in line with the demands of today’s hospitality industry, m3 Hospitality allows property owners to increase the value of their assets while deriving a guaranteed fixed income in the form of rent.

The Swiss hotel industry is going through a period of profound change with, on the one hand, the aging of stock mainly composed of independent holdings and, on the other, the arrival of new standardized products, generally larger than existing establishments.

m3 Hospitality is renovating existing hotels with a view to a competitive commercial repositioning, in line with today’s demand; flawless fundamentals, an innovative and practical atmosphere, an “à la carte” service that allows the client to choose the options of their stay while paying only for them.

A well-located commercial building can become a competitive hotel; m3 Hospitality manages this transformation from A to Z with knowledge of the performance expectations of the owner, to whom rent will then be paid.

m3 Hospitality supports the construction of buildings for hotel or para-hotel use. Its expertise allows designers and builders to operate in an effective and efficient manner.

m3 Hospitality offers a real estate and hotel solution in a single address, a guarantee of consistency, of time-saving, and therefore of efficiency.

Contact us by mail or by phone +41 (0)22 809 08 24.

The originality of this positioning translates into a double advantage for the owner: a contractual relationship based on a fixed rent and great flexibility in realizing the hospitality product according to the aspirations of the owner and his specific market.

— Anne SOUTHAM, Head of Hospitality

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Département Property

+41 22 809 09 09

Au-delà d’un mandat de location (estimation de loyer, visite, recherche de locataires, communication de votre bien, entrée du locataire etc.) nous vous proposons également le mandat de gérance. Dans ce cas précis, vous vous déchargez de toutes les démarches administratives, logistiques et financières, souvent fastidieuses. Encaissement des loyers, émission des quittances de loyers, gestion des travaux, des impayés, des contentieux etc. Vous profitez ainsi pleinement des fruits de votre investissement. Notre équipe de gérants expérimentés se mobilisent pour vous activement afin d’optimiser la gestion de votre patrimoine.

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Sales Department

+41 22 809 08 09

Do you wish to have your property appraised in order to sell or to rent it? Each property is unique and carefully examined. There are a multitude of criteria to establish the true value of an apartment or house, and our specialists will be happy to accompany you in this process. They will advise you on the fair market value of your property within a time frame that suits you. From the definition of your needs to the moving into or sale of your property, our advisors are at your disposal to facilitate the buying and selling procedures which generally prove to be complicated.

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Laurent Spierer

+41 22 809 07 51

Quel que soit votre profil, investisseur institutionnel ou privé, nous vous accompagnons dans la définition et l’optimisation de votre stratégie d’investissement, de vente d’immeubles ou de terrains dans toute la Suisse

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Laurent Bornoz

+41 22 809 08 26

Do you own commercial premises (offices, arcades, shops, etc.) and are you looking for tenants? Our experienced teams are actively engaged in order to optimize the management of your assets.
Are you a tenant? Whether it be an installation, the start of an activity, or the growth of your company, our specialists accompany you and advise you so that you set yourself up in a space adapted to your needs.