Cold winter, warm interior: practical advice for controlled energy expenditure

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There are many ways to reduce your heating bill, such as insulation work or boiler replacement. But all this work requires substantial investment. So here are some “tips & tricks” to reduce your heating bill over the long term without investing much. Some simple ideas for controlled energy expenditure

Tip No. 1: To improve insulation and reduce the volume to be heated, don’t forget to close your shutters at night: they allow a layer of minimally renewed air to be created which acts as an insulator. In the same way, installing thick curtains will trap the cold, but be careful not to let them hang in front of heaters positioned under your windows.

Tip No. 2: Set a coherent temperature setpoint. In fact, be aware that above 20° C, each additional degree increases the heating bill from about 5% to 7%. Here are the recommended temperatures: set your thermostat at 20° to 21° in the living room and kitchen, 18° in the bedrooms, and only 14° to 16° in unoccupied rooms. It is also possible to save energy by being able to programme the heating. Of course, you are free to lower the set temperatures during periods of absence, or to lower the temperature at night.

Tip No. 3: Proper maintenance of heating appliances is useful. All heat transmitters operate by convection and / or radiation. Make sure that radiators are clear to facilitate heat exchange with the room. Do not cover the radiators or place objects on them; do not put furniture in front of them as this could impede the circulation of air; and consider dusting them regularly. And if your radiator is cold at the top but hot at the bottom, then it’s time to get rid of it! Conclusion: it is easy to reduce your heating bill. For a very limited, even negligible investment, it is quite possible to do so significantly by applying all these tips and tricks. But for better energy savings, the installation of additional insulation is the solution. Think about it before you embark on renovations!