To live well in Geneva goes back to the story of m3 REAL ESTATE

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Formerly CGI IMMOBILIER, the new agency m3 REAL ESTATE benefits from nearly 65 years of experience and is resolutely forward-looking. Located at Cornavin station, in the heart of Geneva, it offers innovative management of real estate projects thanks to an optimized structure and an expanded business footprint. It positions itself as Geneva’s real estate specialist offering even more remarkable services.
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m3 REAL ESTATE is the result of a revitalization of CGi IMMOBILIER. How did this happen?
“It all started when I played at the Bois Carré Tennis Club. It was always empty, so that’s why I had the idea of proposing a real estate project. After talking to an architect friend, who inquired about the feasibility of my idea, he confirmed that the area allowed construction.