The strength of a group

The m3 group

m3 GROUPE is a Geneva group committed to the life of the people of Geneva.

Active since 1950 in the real estate sector, m3 has since diversified successfully by developing other cutting-edge expertise in areas as varied as hotels, restaurants, health and services.

Faithful to its values of excellence, trust and commitment, m3 GROUPE is today a player as essential as it is atypical through its approach in the Geneva landscape.

Our aim at m3 is to bring a different approach to everything we undertake and to innovate to help shape the Geneva of tomorrow.

m3 is a group founded and directed by Abdallah Chatila whose activities are deployed in key areas of the economic and cultural fabric of Geneva.

m3 GROUPE invests its resources and talents in the most creative and innovative way possible, in the service of a greater influence of Geneva.

A different Geneva

Building Geneva, beautifying Geneva, preserving Geneva, modernizing Geneva, stimulating Geneva, shaking up Geneva, moving Geneva…all the enthusiasm and energy that inspire us remain closely linked to this place.

Wherever we invest, whatever we undertake, our aim is to play an ever more active role in the evolution, modernization and transformation of the canton, preserving the exceptional environment and quality of life that reign here.