Charlotte Henry is the marketer of the month in CominMag

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Victoria Marchand interviewed her.

m3 REAL ESTATE innovates by publishing a magazine. The former public company CGi IMMOBILIER, bought by Abdallah Chatila, has never ceased since its rebranding to innovate in its communication. After Lunettes 360, here is the new marketing tool of the group that specializes in Genevan real estate. Charlotte Henry, m3’s Marketing and Communications Manager, explains why.

m3 REAL ESTATE launched FLAT on 8 November last year. Can you tell us about this title?

It is not a catalogue of our property portfolio but rather a magazine devoted to design and interior decoration. It deals with all facets of the home: from planning ideas and encounters with designers and real estate experts, to visits to apartments and houses in the regions’ top areas. The editorial concept aims at enabling the Swiss public to find inspiration to decorate their private as well as professional environments, and of course it offers analyses from real estate experts.



Portait de Manuel Alvarez ” Du Family office à l’immobilier” – Tribune de Genève

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La gestion de patrimoines familiaux a mené Manuel Alvarez au sein de la direction de la régie m3 Real Estate

Depuis une année, Manuel Alvarez gère le nouveau département Advisory de la régie m3 Real Estate (anciennement CGI). Son but: conseiller et soutenir les investisseurs intéressés par l’immobilier. Afin de leur offrir un maximum d’opportunités, cette nouvelle unité regroupe les activités d’investissement, de pilotage de projets immobiliers, de location commerciales et d’hôtellerie.

Avec cette organisation nous voulions offrir un vrai service aux investisseurs en plus de nos traditionnelles prestations destinées aux vendeurs, propriétaires ou locataires.

— Manuel Alvarez, Advisory Director

Teresa Astorina est l’invitée de market

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Teresa Astorina est une femme passionnée, guidée par une joie de vivre formidable probablement héritée de ses racines italiennes. Sans oublier la femme d’influence, puisqu’elle dirige depuis 2015 le groupe immobilier genevois m3 REAL ESTATE, détenu par Abdallah Chatila, et qui vient d’ouvrir ses portes à Zürich. L’idée ? Capter les investisseurs suisses allemands en leur proposant des services de gérance pour leurs biens à Genève.

Un jour j’ai découvert que c’est véritablement l’immobilier mon monde

— Teresa Astorina, CEO

CominMag parle du nouveau site de m3

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“Virtua a conçu le nouveau site de m3 | Real Estate”

Le magazine ComiMag parle du nouveau site de m3 réalisé par Virtua.

En collaboration avec l’agence de communication digitale Virtua, m3 REAL ESTATE lance un site dont le design, le contenu, la navigation ainsi que l’accessibilité ont été entièrement repensés pour offrir à ses utilisateurs une véritable plateforme dédiée à la prise de contact.

Retrouvez l’article ici

Ce site a été conçu comme la porte d’entrée de l’agence m3

— Alexandre Miranda, Directeur de production, Virtua

To live well in Geneva goes back to the story of m3 REAL ESTATE

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Formerly CGI IMMOBILIER, the new agency m3 REAL ESTATE benefits from nearly 65 years of experience and is resolutely forward-looking. Located at Cornavin station, in the heart of Geneva, it offers innovative management of real estate projects thanks to an optimized structure and an expanded business footprint. It positions itself as Geneva’s real estate specialist offering even more remarkable services.
Find the interview with Abdallah Chatila

m3 REAL ESTATE is the result of a revitalization of CGi IMMOBILIER. How did this happen?
“It all started when I played at the Bois Carré Tennis Club. It was always empty, so that’s why I had the idea of proposing a real estate project. After talking to an architect friend, who inquired about the feasibility of my idea, he confirmed that the area allowed construction.


The press talks about the press!

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m3 launches design magazine in CominMag
m3 launches an interior design magazine in the Geneva Tribune

m3 REAL ESTATE becomes editor of FLAT, the magazine dedicated to the world of accommodation. Published four times a year, its 84 pages offer very diverse visual and editorial content that covers all aspects of design and accommodation. On the menu: design ideas, selections of the region’s good addresses, interviews with designers and real estate experts, and apartment and house visits. “It is not only a magazine to look at, it is also a magazine to read, at once sharp and accessible, technical and elegant. In other words, it puts intelligence into the aesthetics of today. FLAT is the result of our leitmotiv: ‘Think different'”, explains CEO Teresa Astorina. FLAT will be sold in kiosks in French-speaking Switzerland and will mainly feature regional players (boutiques, craftspeople, designers, architects, etc.). The first issue of 20,000 copies will be released on news stands on November 9th. Published by m3 REAL ESTATE, FLAT is entirely produced by the Geneva press agency LargeNetwork, which has over 15 years’ experience in launching and managing publications with high editorial added value. “FLAT is a real medium of communication and renown for m3. We offer our clients proximity to a distinctly Genevan magazine, a guide to be kept in their library, a magazine that provides accessible advice to a demanding readership based in Geneva and its surroundings,” says Charlotte Henry, Marketing & Communications Manager. This new concept in the region allows FLAT to respond to an important demand: magazines devoted to interior design are mainly occasional supplements of newspapers or foreign publications.

Abdallah Chatila interviewed in SUR LA TERRE magazine

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“Abdallah Chatila — from diamonds to real estate”. Jeweller, great art lover and philanthropist through his Sesam Foundation, Abdallah Chatila has established himself in record time as a key player in the Swiss real estate market.

SUR LA TERRE: You started your career in jewellery within the family business and today you are one of the most important players in real estate in Geneva. These two sectors of activity are very different. How did you go from one to the other?

Abdallah Chatila: That’s my temperament. I’m curious and I’m interested in everything. I would not like to confine myself to one thing. I want to add value to what I do and when this is no longer the case I turn to something else. I started a brand of watches in the early 2000s, I also invested in insurance. In fact, you must know how to seize opportunities when they arise. I began my activities in real estate by accident. I was playing tennis with a friend at the Bois-Carré club in Geneva and when I saw only villas around the area, I got the idea of a building project.

Meyrin-Caillat in Bâtir magazine

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Cohesion and a spirit of clarity characterize this mixed programme of dwellings and offices. Its urban front and verdant back areas ensure its integration between industries and villas.

Meyrin-Caillat or the coherent diversity. Facing the Richemont watchmaking campus, flanked by villas at the back, this groomed development is immediately recognizable by its Klinker brick envelope and sharp edges, at the corner of the route de Nant-d’Avril and Emma-Kammacher Street which lead to the village of Meyrin (GE).
Established meaningfully as a continuation of a vast green site to be built in the heart of the Zimeysaver industrial zone, the buildings play skillfully with the topographical difficulties. The 7,792 m2 triangular plot, which has been exploited to the maximum, marks a slope descending towards the street. The three semi-detached apartment buildings are spread out from west to east, as are the gardens between the buildings, which appear in successive terraces.
Taking advantage of a less elevated drop on the roadside, the business premises form a horizontal front that protects the dwellings from traffic noise.

l’Agefi returns to the laying of the first stone of the Stellar 32 project

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The foundation stone of the ambitious Stellar 32 project, launched on the initiative of m3 REAL ESTATE, was laid on 15 June 2016 in Plan-les-Ouates. Stellar 32 is a multifunctional building with contemporary architecture that testifies to the dynamism of the municipality’s industrial area.
Delivery in 2018.

It’s done! The first stone of the Stellar 32 building has been laid in the presence of the authorities, including Fabienne Monbaron, mayor of Plan-les-Ouates; Jean-Marc Guinchard, president of the Grand Council; and Abdallah Chatila, administrator of PI G32, the landowner. “Plan-les-Ouates is an area with great potential: the headquarters of many companies and the development of the Cherpines village will increase its attractiveness, but there is little life,” points out Abdallah Chatila. “The motivation behind this development was certainly to offer sectors of activity but also to provide more services. A three-star hotel, a restaurant and a few shops will offer real added value and will invigorate the area. Comfort, flexibility and service are guiding principles of Stellar 32.”