« The architect has the ability and benefit to see what is not. He imagines and gives life to a future that does not yet exist. »

Dominique ZANGHI – Director, m3 ARCHITECTURE

Imaginer autrement

Created in 2019, m3 ARCHITECTURE is a Geneva-based office of architects and urban planners directed by Dominique Zanghi, an architect with more than 30 years’ experience in Geneva.

Beyond its functional and aesthetic aspect, architecture is a central element around which our way of life, economic activities and social relationships are organized.

A multidisciplinary field par excellence, it is a cultural marker that is part of the identity of a geographical area and a community.

In addition to architectural services, m3 ARCHITECTURE also offers expertise in urban planning and participates, through the development and construction of many new projects, in the emergence of the Geneva of tomorrow.

Improving on what already exists

In addition to new projects, m3 ARCHITECTURE also handles renovations and conversions of existing buildings. We bring you original technical solutions to optimize the value of a property, increase its capacity or modify its purpose.

Making city life easier

To cope with its strong growth and to prepare for the future, the city must respond to concerns about mobility, accessibility and sharing increasingly complex public spaces. m3 ARCHITECTURE has specialized teams to solve this type of problem.

Working on the form…

We address the aesthetic aspect of all developments with a modern, contemporary approach, concentrating on bringing out the beauty of the place and enhancing the quality of life of the residents.

Thus, for our architects a building should not only be beautiful on paper – its aesthetic success also lies in its ability to integrate into an environment that promotes better living over time. Our teams conduct extensive studies to design beautiful, luminous projects in total harmony with the surrounding space.

…Without forgetting the function

Whether it is to imagine accommodation, business premises or public places, the architectural form must always follow its function. The architect must be able to anticipate habits and future uses to design today’s spaces that will always be relevant to improve tomorrow’s daily life.

A permanent commitment for more than 30 years to create and innovate in the service of others.

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